The conference provides an opportunity for practitioners and educators of agriculture to exchange research evidence, models of best practice and innovative ideas.

Advances in anaerobic digestion of agricultural by-products
Agricultural Biotechnology
Agricultural Ergonomics
Agricultural Production and Food Safety
Agricultural systems
Agricultural waste management
Agri-industrial facilities design
Air quality in agricultural systems
Biological natural resource engineering
Bio-machine systems
Bioprocess and Biosystems
Climate monitoring. Energy saving
Computing simulation
Controlled environment technology
Ecological Engineering
Ecological Engineering
Emerging technologies in Agriculture and Livestock
Energy in agriculture
Food Engineering and biotechnology
Food safety and Bio-process engineering
Food safety and nutritional values
Food Science and Technology
Food security
Food traceability and safety
Functional Foods
GPS and GIS technologies
Greenhouse design, construction and structures, new materials
Handling and treatment of agricultural wastes
Industry Transformation - Case Studies
Innovative buildings
Innovative packaging, active atmospheres and intelligent packages
Integrated environmental impact assessment of agricultural systems
Management and planning of multifunctional land and water use
Nanotechnologies for environment
Nanotechnology in agriculture
No destructive methods for quality inspection and estimation
Peeling, cutting, chilling and freezing
Physical properties of agricultural products
Postharvest treatments
Power and machinery in agriculture
Precision farming and variable rate technology
Quality and safety during storage and transport
Sensing and measuring plant growth, physiological state and product quality
Socio-Economic, Institutional and Policy Issues in water management
Soil and water engineering
Structures and environment
Surface and ground water resources
Thermal processing
Waste water management
Water management with limited availability technologies
Water Quality and Environmental Safety
Measurement and impact analysis of Food Price Spikes on agricultural production and food security
Agricultural trade, environment and sustainable development
The interactions between agriculture, poverty and income distribution
Analysis of transmission and dynamics of agricultural commodity prices
Agriculture, environment, and natural resource use
Agricultural land markets and development
Measurement and impact analysis of demographic transition and population aging on agricultural trade and Food Security